Saturday, March 26, 2011

Resto druids only QQ ... -.-

Yes. I admit, initially I reacted very harshly. But I have a rule, as per previous posts I sometime raid with Smokey MUTED in mumble. He is muted because he pre-empts raid failures, thus getting rage-y and frustrated BEFORE anything has gone wrong; making me feel very stressed and potentially increasing the likely-hood that shit will go wrong.

and guess what, in Verethy's absence (due to a ban) he was promoted to an officer. I've played with Smokey for a long time and he is my best friend in the world. But I flat-out refuse to raid under him because in the past it has just ended well.....badly. Secondly, what does it say about what Wipe Inc. values if rage-y, frustrated and superfluous calling is valued?! BLARGH. Makes me feel like I am throwing my suggestions at a brick wall....a brick wall with rocket wheels that just wants to BRUTE FORCE it's way through everyone's moral.

So. Yes, I snapped, I said I needed some time away from raiding. I tried (to no avail) to explain to Smokes, that I still FUCKING LOVE HIM BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD NAW NAW NAW LOVE N CUDDLES RAWR!!!!!! ... So I made a little "Who-ha" while I figured out how i would handle this stressful situation. and despite not having missed a single raid due to this blow out I have still been effectively removed from raiding. Our raid leader has an unhealthy hatred for I am feeling out of the circle.

After I calmed myself I did ask for a short break from raiding (a week!) because I am BEHIND on my studies and as much as I want to PARTY HARD; study hard is all I have time to do.

The problem is wipe inc doesn't have any back up heals. Our generally "unreliable" heals can have times where they cannot attend and it's A-OK(**TANGEANT WARNING** a certain resto druid(<3) hasn't been able to raid and I am partly to blame.). But because I have made a point of being reliable it is expected, therefore me asking for a break is unexpected and frowned upon. I have been demoted from "Core raided" to "raider" and, as per the title of this post, the raid leader has somehow come to the conclusion that this a flaw inherit with resto druids; thus they need to replace us with priests .....wait for it......because apparently priests have more cooldowns then resto druids.

say it with me now.....Innervate, Tranquility and TREEFORM!not to mention resto druids are set to get a few more buffs.

I am just...offended; not ONLY does the raid leader think that my reliable and powerful heals are not valuable; he is prepared to ditch the whole godamm resto spec : /


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